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Continuing on with the excellent series of benefits is the latest Locked in the dressing Room comps. As the light is starting to emerge on live music once again it will be more difficult to remember how many venues and staff were left with no income. For most reading this blog live music was a pulse we clung on to. We looked forward to the camaraderie of gigs, the explosion of sound and sight on stage as our world revolved so much around music. That came to a halt as we re-assesed and some tried to recreate that experience online. But it was difficult. Live In the Dressing Room was created to show support to venues by the musicians.

This one is for Manx Punx on lovely white vinyl with 19 tributes of solidarity. There are many different flavours of punk rock and this album can suit the palate of most of those with some punk in their collection. In true punk rock fashion I am confused though. Not sure if it was meant but the track listing on the back doesn’t seem to reflect accurately what is happening on the vinyl. It’s all fine for the first 7 tracks on the first side but after that it seems to go astry. It eventually sorts itself out once you realise that The Restarts aren’t BKS.

It all kicks off with Mad Daddy rocking the punk sound, followed quickly by Vice Squad with Beki Bondage singing of how everyone’s in a band today. Remarkable how Vice Squad keep rocking along. They surely will be the Last rockers. 3 stone monkey punk it up with a nice sing along of “where are you now 2015”.

Some of the veterans of the punk scene appear here supporting the cause as they are well aware of the support they have recieved from smaller venues down through the years.

Bands like the aforementioned Vice Squad and others such as GBH and Blitzkrieg have all submitted tracks for inclusion. None of these comps would be complete without some skanking along and The Restarts provide that punky mix of Culture shock / Subhumans.

Alongside the veterans there is newer bands like Slow Decay who that goth atmospheric guitar sound, not quite UK Decay but still haunting enough with that post punk feel of Sabina’s vocals. This track is the title track of the isle of man punkers debut album which came out last year.

BKS make a racket, hardcore in that speed vein. Over before you realise what is happening.

Unholy Alliance have risen from the ashes of English Dogs and represent the punk / metal scene with a rocking punky metal speedy shock to your senses.

Half Naked Headline hark back to the days when songs were preceded by a poetic and political statement. They are one of the instigators and organisers of this record, part of the Manx Punx alliance. This is more than music and the punk rock sound is just an accompaniment for this band. Anti septics continue in that punk protest mould remembering those who have fought in meaningless wars.

The Apparents are ramones esque snottier punk with a song about a Tory Boy, like Riskee and the Ridicule who Rage like a punk machine. The Sentence hark back to the old OI days with a song about their friends in blue while No Agenda have that gruff punk Oi feel.

A real sign of how this record spans many islands in and around the Irish Sea. I’m not sure if i have another comp with bands from Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Ireland, England and beyond.

Dublin’s Vulpynes are really making a name for themselves. This punk rock 2 piece would have been regular visitors to venues these compilations are aimed at but due to timing haven’t been able to get out their yet. Their travels were starting but Molly and Erin’s day will come however as they make some grungey racket for a duo. Fellow Dubliners The Nilz are also on here, blasting away their punk rock.

Also from this island extending their solidarity are the Defects. Music is some commodity in the 21st Century the Defects sings 0.0045 is from their “The Death Of Imagination” record which came out last year and is about the commodofying of music and streaming services.

Grade 2 are from the Isle of Wight and their track reminds me of a faster Serious Drinking but instead of singing about a Hangover they are a singing of the Generation of a Brokem Youth.

support this, support the venues and Up the Punks


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