Old Bones
Helen Kitson
Louise Walker Books

Style can be a strange thing. Stories are a collection of words but each author has a sledge style. Or maybe each story does as the author can change. Once it’s complete a story doesn’t.

The style for this story is one where each chapter is told through the eyes of a character. It took me a while to settle into this as I was trying to remember who each person was. There’s three main characters and the story switches between each one.

Initially the feel was all vicar of Dibley. Remote English village, full of cottages and tea rooms and hidden history in each dresser.

The three women are nearing pension age and have a lifetime of experience bottled up. Grudges, sexuality, pain and the potential embarrassment of the village unravels as we switch characters. We look back as they try to avoid the “monotonous grey shuffle towards the final sunset”.

By halfway I’m hooked, wanting to know what’s going on and how it will all stitch together. A Really enjoyable experience trying to figure it all out.


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