The road to California
Louise Walters
Louise Walters Books

What do you do if you have a story to tell? Do you
A) write an outline and tell all your friends
B) sent the outline to book publishers in a hopeful attempt one of them will give you money to complete it and a promise to publish it or
C) complete it publish it yourself.

There may be no right or wrong answer to the above multiple choice but Louise Walters has chosen option c and that deserves huge praise and encouragement.

The fact then that such a story is well written and absorbing really supports her actions. It’s about the struggles of a single mother and her 14 year old son. The son gets into some trouble in school and the tale unfolds.

This is a tale of bullying, loneliness, struggle, heartbreak and love. A book I couldn’t put down wanting to know what was going to happen through the print.

And it also feels great to support and indie publisher so easily.


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