Allumettes au bout des îles
Hidden bay records

This is a 7 track cassette only release from this cool French DIY record label. All the songs are sung in Martin’s native French tongue. When I close my eyes and listen to these songs it brings visions of sitting around a coffee shop, cigarette in hand listening to indie pop. Of course I cough a this vision as cigarettes to me mean death and suffering, so maybe this would be the the soundtrack for you while you’re running through fields of sunflowers in glorious sunshine.

The guitars jangle along and there’s tunes and niceness layered throughout. The band’s name translates as heart-joy which certainly suits the heart warming sounds here.

I’m not sure if they’ve taken their name from this but my internet research into Cœur-joie guides me towards a “floral fragrance for women”. I’ve had many discussions recently on whether something should be labelled specifically towards a gender so who knows whether this is right or not. A bit like the songs here, indie pop dreams for a beat generation, but why should it be narrowed down to one generation??


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