Au vinyles

Irish punk band, with a twist of Oi!, Grit have returned with a stormer of a debut album. All songs are tuneful punk numbers that wouldn’t be our of place is our dear departed Mensi Marx from the Angelic Upstarts we’re singing them.

Hard hitting and unapologetically political Grit sing songs from their hearts. Always anti-fascist and most definitely on the side of the punks these tunes are to a song memorable.

They lay claim to be Dublin oi band but not all of them dwell in Irelands Capital city this album is released by a French label, showing the bands strong connection with the international Underground punk scene. And that’s where they want to stay.

Song themes include zero hours contracts, lost friends and punk rock gigs. The live events that bind us together. Grit are from that community, one that thrives on interaction and belief in a better world. They proudly belong and this record is an important part of that community


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