New York Hardcore Chronicles
Vol 1 (1980 – 1989)
A flyer Oral History
Drew Stone

Documentation is so important. These stories of our punk rock scenes are a joy to behold. So many similarities across cities. This is done a different way, fliers from gigs through 1980-1989 with people in bands talking about the gigs and the artwork. It’s a different way of doing thing, not so much about bands or venues but more about gigs that happened and why fliers looked a certain way. 

pages from the book

I loved looking at the line ups for some of these gigs. Bands who have released many records and reached a lot further than the Lower East Side of New York where most of these gigs happened. I could only dream of such events but it’s great to read this. A wonderful artefact, available from Coretex records. 


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