Rich Boy cries for Momma
Ethan H Minsker
Troy book makers

“That was the funny thing about Punk Rock. You could drop a kid anywhere in the world, it didn’t even matter if they didn’t speak the same language. If they were both into punk rock they got along”

Ethan H Minsker

And truer words have rarely been written. If I’m reading something by a journalist and am told they listened to the clash my interest is automatically piqued. I followed Stuart Pearces career as a footballer because he like the stranglers. Similar with Pat nEvin. So Shen I saw this coming of age story set in Washington DC complete with quotes from Minor Threat and Dah Nasty lyrics I knew it was for me. 

It matters little that it turns out not to be an interesting story. Wonderfully written it tells the challenge of an outsider as a young boy who stays that way until he finds his tribe. 
For most of us the DC scene was a positive beacon in the hardcore light. Dischord Records leading the way with interesting releases and evolving musical styles. These are the bands whose lyrics appear at the start of many chapters here.

But that positivity of doing things and making change doesn’t seem to be the lifestyle that’s lead by the author. His world is one of drugs, fights and sexual conquest. It almost seems like the most punk thing to write about. Chalk and cheese comparing the contents of the songs to the contents of the book. And maybe that is what he is trying to effect. 

Did punk rock become a stale imitation of itself when people ceased being controversial? Is the swastika and rudeness of the pistols really what punk is it is the politics and inspiration of others. I prefer the latter and I’ve no doubt Minsker does. At times the pages reflect the former which really could just be part of the ruse


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