Book of the week sees the Rich crying for Momma

Did punk rock become a stale imitation of itself when people ceased being controversial? Is the swastika and rudeness of the pistols really what punk is it is the politics and inspiration of others. I prefer the latter and I’ve no doubt Minsker does. At times the pages reflect the former which really could just be part of the ruse

Book of the week remembering that glorious NYHC scene

I loved looking at the line ups for some of these gigs. Bands who have released many records and reached a lot further than the Lower East Side of New York where most of these gigs happened. I could only dream of such events but it's great to read this

Book of the week who is that Bugger Banksy?

Roy D Hacksaw has been playing in punk bands for years, this is very much the punk novel. Irreverent and funny but between the lines there is some message in there ready and waiting to be explored.