Hunted Down
Southern Lord

This is a re-release with a difference. The original Hunted Down ep had 5 songs, this has 18. Catatonics released Hunted Down in 1984, 5 blistering slabs of New York Hardcore. The band were on the go since 1981 and had been one of New York’s (hailing from Syracuse in upstate New York) original hardcore bands with a strong diy ethos. They were an East Coast early Suicidal Tendencies or SSD. Fast and explosive.

Pic by  Raw Leakage / Sub-Culture Archives.

The extra 13 tacks are made up of live and demo material sounding as raw as any NY HC band. The band fizzled out soon after the release of this ep and members went on to feature in 7 Seconds, UK Subs, D Generation, Libertine, Fang, The Demonics, The Von Traps and so many more. They have been participating in the history of punk and hardcore since blazing a trail in those early 80’s

This is a rough and ready collection but one worth hunting down for any hardcore fan


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