Moving Targets, Diaz Brothers, Dealing With Damage, The Charlemagnes

Lexington, London

June 12 2022

I love punk rock. I’ve said it before so many times. My punk rock is one of community, where people get out and do things for each mother. Profit is not their motive and ego, if any, is left on the street. Post-pandemic is proving a hard Ide for DIY promoters. A simple cough on a crowded bus can prove catastrophic if it lands on a band member due to travel to a gig. DIY and small time promoters have no insurance, they are just trying to help some friends. It has become part of our psyche, our reasons for avoidance.

Thankfully tonight wasn’t affected as all 4 bands made it through unscathed. Being a Sunday evening there was a tight curfew which meant a quick turnaround for band. This really helped as each band hit the stage on time and roared through their sets. They were among friends though, we would forgive any mistakes.

The Charlemagnes – London June 2022

The Charlemagnes started it all off with some great power pop garages tunes.

Dealing with Damage stormed through their set and it really helped. Lots of new songs to accompany Ask Th Questions album. I’m very excited about the new record coming out. DC influenced hardcore but so much more.

Diaz Brothers play fast energetic hardcore. Lead singer Golly is still full of energy despite being at this since his HDQ days of the 80s. They have such a tight sound tonight, the culmination of 5 days in a row gigging

Moving Targets were just great. So much of it Is based on the soundboard Kenny gets from his guitar but like their contemporaries in Husker Du the song as are still works of art, lovingly crafted for your pleasure.

And then it was all over. In a flash as Luke friends and comrades chatted about gigs they’ve been to and many spoke of our families navigating their way through their lives. This is our punk rock, this is our way of life. Good to be back


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