That was some week last week. If you had of told me in 1990 that I would see separate shows from Conflict, Paul Heaton, Jawbox, Descendents and Moving Targets in the space of 8 days I would have said “pull the other one, next you will be saying there will be a global pandemic and we will be in lockdown for 2 years”.

And now on a Tuesday night in Dublin you have a choice between Martin Stephenson from the Daintees who is playing with John Perry from the only ones, or you have Gregor Barnet from the Menzingers doing a solo show OR you can go see Tigers Jaw. All on a Tuesday night, in Dublin. Mad stuff, brilliant but mad.

The hardcore fans have Jesus Piece re-arranged gig in the Grand Social on Thursday but big one of the week is the quick return of Chewie to Whelans. I missed their Easter show there due to Covid so am excited about seeing the band again.

JC Stewart – Academy, Jun 14
Jeff Garlin – Vicar St, Jun 14
Tigers Jaw – Whelans, Jun 14
Martin Stephenson + John Perry – Wild Duck, Jun 14
Gregor Barnet (Menzingers) + Lande Hekt – Workmans, Jun 14
Genesis Owusu – Grand Social, Jun 14
Feet – Workmans Cellar, Jun 15
El Mata a un Policia Motorizado – Grand Social, Jun 15
Stefan Murphy – Whelans, Jun 15
Larry Dean – Liberty Hall, Jun 16
Julie Jay – Workmans Cellar, Jun 16
Jesus Piece + Bitter Pill + No Great Loss + Done Wrong + Goon + False Degree – Grand Social, Jun 16
Wood Burning Savages – Workmans Cellar, Jun 16
Larry Dean – Liberty Hall, Jun 15
Crispr Kid – Whelans, Jun 16
Iamnotshane – Whelans Upstairs, Jun 16
Chewie + Girlfriend – Whelans, Jun 17
Tate McRae – Academy, Jun 17 + 18
Carla’s Dreams – Button Factory, Jun 17
Gravedancer – Grand Social, Jun 17
Mortal Backlash + Snowblind + Saint Slaughter – Fibbers, Jun 17
Crown The King – Whelans Upstairs, Jun 17
Skylights – Whelans Upstairs, Jun 18
William Prince – Whelans, Jun 18
HTRK – Workmans, Jun 18
Hang Massive – Button Factory, Jun 18 + 19
Trouble + Cypher 16 – Grand Social, Jun 19
Flo and Joan – Whelans, Jun 19

A full list of upcoming gigs is available here

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