Among legends
Take good care
Little Rocket Records

How many times must I talk of community? These pages are seeped in it. This website is born from it and all the keys that are pressed come from that place. Among Legends are in that community

“Open the border and tear down the walls and cheer as the hateful start to crumble”

This is a band I want to listen to. Steering chorus and rising voices but always with a tune behind them.

Since my dad died 4 years ago there are times when I feel like I’m drifting through when all else is happening around me. Sensations get lost and excitement is low. The sentiment of monochrome here resonates “take the time you need and we’ll be alright”. The world can be colour around you but sometimes you can’t take it in.

I’ve given the band play if the day before but really if you like your tunes and your community then grab this.

6 years since the band first came together in Toronto and with a clear vision and the drive to get there, Among Legends debut album creates music with singalong choruses, lyrics about finding inspiration and overcoming life’s struggles, and blazing instrumentation. It’s pop punk for fans who don’t want to be sad anymore


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