Sophisticated Ignorance
self released download

Right from start to finish there’s 11 tracks of pissed off hardcore here spat out with resentment and a pained anguish at the futility of it all.

Wow! This is intense. Every song here a rallying cry or a critique of how shit people are. If posi-core was about making a real change then this is a realisitic opposite clarion call. Negicore it may not be but it speaks for so many of us. You know if you’re driving a car and you let someone out that you don’t need to. You know how sometimes that can feel good. Until the person you are assisting doesn’t acknowledge you? You know when you hold a door open for someone and somehow that person walks blindly by without pausing for thought as to why the door remained open? You know that instant feeling you have when that happens? Well these songs pursue that feeling.

Every song rages through at just over a minute. Pure HARDcore sang with disgust at a world. But I bet deep down they wish things were different.


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