It sure was a feast last week and while there’s some respite we still have enough to keep the punks happy this week. Laura Stevenson was in the excellent Bomb The Music Industry (also featured the equally excellent Jeff Rosenstock). This is a bit more moody than the singalong punk tunes of her old band but still a very interesting sound. Laura is in the Workmans Club on Wednesday. The following night THEE UFO play upstairs in Whelans. The band released some songs on bandcamp last week and played Friday. We were too busy organising our We Shall Overcome Festival to notice that gig and only now when we can catch a breath can we follow the Garage psych that is THEE UFO. On Friday the Scuntz are down from northern ireland to play with Swedish punks Existenz and Irish madsters The Nilz. If you like your musi more haunting and slow then Brigid Mae Power’s beautiful folk tunes could be the ones for you in Bello Bar. Maybe you’ve been lucky to nab a ticket for Pillow Queens in Vicar Street where the excellent arxx are also on the bill.

Enjoy your week and choose wisely

FuManchu – Button Factory, Sep 26
Cian Ducrot – Workmans, Sep 26
AJR – Olympia, Sep 26
Angel Haze – Grand Social, Sep 26
Behemoth + Arch Enemy – Olympia, Sep 27
Colm Lynch – Sin E, Sep 27
Colin Andrew – Whelans, Sep 27
Durand Jones & the Indications – Academy, Sep 27
Craig Finn & Uptown Controllers + Scott Levene – Grand Social, Sep 27
Uriah Heep – Olympia, Sep 28
Cordae – Academy, Sep 28
Laura Stevenson – Workmans, Sep 28
Whozyerman – Workmans Cellar, Sep 28
Lime Cordiale – Academy, Sep 29
Thee UFO + Short Back and Sides – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 29
Matt Maltese – Grand Social, Sep 29
Lime Cordiale – Academy, Sep 29
Nerves + The Fae – Workmans, Sep 29
The haunting of Night Vale – Liberty Hall, Sep 30
Ibex – Sin E, Sep 30
The Scuntz + Existenz + The Nilz + RPC – Fibbers, Sep 30
Mack Fleetwood – Whelans, Sep 30
Under Starling – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 30
Brigid Mae Power – Bello Bar, Sep 30
Sapphire Slows- Workmans Cellar, Sep 30
Slow Magic – Grand Social, Sep 30
Dunluvly + Jen Ella + Brian Kiernan – Little whelans, Sep 30
Cash Returns – Opium, Oct 1
Remember Sports – Grand Social, Oct 1
Bobby and the Blunts – Sine E, Oct 1
Boj – Workmans Cellar, Oct 1
Travi the Native – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 1
Conor O’Malley – Soundhouse, Oct 1
Rachel Mae Hannon – Workmans, Oct 1
Mik Pyro – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 1
Pillow Queens, Vicar St, Oct 1 + 2
Sir Chloe – Whelans, Oct 2
Mec Lir – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 2
Ham Sandwich – Workmans, Oct 2
Hey Rusty – Workmans Cellar, Oct 2
The Other Favourites, Rena del Cid – Button Factory, Oct 2

A full list of upcoming gigs is available here

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