Mark Murphy and the Meds
On The Brink

Confession time, this is over a year old. A lockdown (remember that?) project and the band only played their first gig a couple of months ago. Songs about relationships and isolation are relevant at any stage but they took on an extra poignancy when we couldn’t hit the streets.

Sonically this is all about pop hooks played fast. It would find a safe home on Lookout Records. Mark was in Crocodile God and this isn’t a huge step forward from their pop punk tunes. One of the stand out sunes has to be Susie’s Gonna Try which rocks into the song after a 1-2-3-4 ala Ramones start but with a lightly rockier feel.

Throw this record on, don’t worry about the world and see the tunes bringing a smile to your face and a bounce to your step.


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