Play of the day has you spoiled

New 8 song ep out now from Canterburys finest The spoilers has been in the works for quite a while. This release even seeing the light of day is a lesson in adversity with lockdowns, cancellations and a general urge to wonder what it’s all about.

Hope Show 159 – the Lowdown

This weeks Hope Show is available to listen to here Joe Solo - The Revolution Will ComeAntidoto - PerderorBear Away - East CaostThe Radiators - Kitty RicketsSoft On Crime - RubyanneToodles and the hectic pity - Sugar LoafThe Armed - A Life so WonderfulWe Were promised Jetpacks - When I Know MoreThe Menstrual Cramps - … Continue reading Hope Show 159 – the Lowdown

Play of the day – Spoilers

SpoilersRoundaboutsBoss Tuneage / Little rocket / Brassneck / SBAM In the true spirit of punk rock collegiality Spoilers didn't allow a chase for their signature to win out for this record. That may yet happen but in the meantime 4 little labels have pooled their resources together to help this release see the light of … Continue reading Play of the day – Spoilers

Play of the Day – Ineptitude

Honest ThievesIneptitudeBrassneck Records Guitars exploding everywhere in the vein of iron Chic or Hot Water Music. The songs have hooks a plenty, anthems rising and sing along chorus. it's high octane punk rock at its glorious best

Play of the day – Epic problem / Slow Death

Epic Problem / Slow DeathSplit 7”Brassneck records 2 bands on similar lines. Gruff punk rock with heartfelt feelings. Slow to death sing of a life with little meaning while epic problem give us the hope to battle through and make the change we all need or want. 4 punk tunes to sing along to. Refreshing.

Play of the day: The Murderburgers

Play of the Day - The Murderburgers These are only problems Asian Man Records While we wait for the new album which is on the horizon for 2019 this record will have to do. Pop punk rock'n'roll for you to dance the last few days of 2018 to. Kind of like NOFX without the snotty … Continue reading Play of the day: The Murderburgers

Spoilers – interview

I saw spoilers play a couple of years ago and their punk pop blast caught my attention straight away.  Their stay afloat album is a gem, capturing that punk rock community feel down to a tee.  Their singer Dan keeps looking to try and get the band over to Dublin to play a gig and … Continue reading Spoilers – interview