Greg Clifford
Shoot The Messenger

Greg has self released a few things and is a videographer. This is a well put together video for his new single.

It is a rocky post punk riff fuelled blast as he strolls blindfolded through Berlin proclaiming we “Shoot The Messenger”. He sings in a heartfelt rock tone with a riff going on in the background and it gives me a soft Queens of the stone age feel with some indie rock thrown in there.

According to Clifford “during the pandemic there was a brief moment where positive change and true empathy for others and the world seemed obtainable. However, this pipe dream quickly dissipated and right and left wing politics and ideologies became more extreme and polarised. We live in the age of self-righteous self-appointed experts, which can propagate wild and threatening conspiracy theories. Refuting certain facts and scientific research is ubiquitous and facilitated by simulated realms such as social media, as is abhorrent prejudice towards others. With one single post or tweet a person can simultaneously find validation and an enemy instantly. The art of reasoned debate and being receptive to learning, or altering your point of view, appears to have been eroded away. The barrage of moral panics, cynicism and short shelf-life imagery during this period nauseated me. Musing over this subject matter and writing the song offered me some semblance of solace and serenity during an extremely uncertain time”

It is heartfelt and strangely engaging with a lovely shot at the end and in the background there’s a building with some grafitti on it. That grafitti reads “AntiFa – KIEZ”. just the sort of good news you want to see and see spread.


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