Out of phase
Requiem Pour Un Twister

It was a dreary grey morning. Like all other nights dampness descended with the dark and all is wet as I make my jourey into work. the sky is grey and threatening something. I put on Extraa and my mood changes as I head to the train station to go to work. Right from the strumming of the very first chord on the opening track “Somewhere” Extraa take us on a blistering pop journey.

This is the follow up to the debut album ‘Baked’ released three years. Like the debut album there is a 60’s feel but this is no retro record. By the third track in, Blue Jeans, I’m nodding my head vicariously as my co-travellers look on wondering what is going on almost out of jealousy as they take their fingers from the keyboards of their phone.

By the 8th track the acoustic guitar is out and everything just seems nice. The dart is still speeding along at intermittent speeds, stopping where it would seem there is no need. We slip into some of the bands native tongue with Quand la Ville as our city awakes into daylight and as people put their phones in their pockets alighting the train for their days trivialities I wish they had some extraa in them for the day. It would help.


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