Book of the week – Pull of the stars

Based in a Dublin hospital with scenes of today. The squalor of a century ago is captured perfectly here. Alongside the frontline heroes, sadness abounds. Snippets of a war no soldier wanted and most misunderstood and a country rising to demand its own voice in poverty and hunger.

Book of the Week – the wild Rover

the wild rover  The autobiography of Tomas O Cinneide  Translated by Padraig Tyers Mercier Press Well we all have one book in us and this is Tomas O Cineides one. His life story Begins with the pure poverty which so many people were born into over a century ago. It doesn’t get much better as … Continue reading Book of the Week – the wild Rover

In Concert

A selection of favourite gig memories from Irelands music community in aid of Irish Red Cross. When we first saw the heartbreaking pictures from Aleppo we reached out to those people we know best, our friends in the music community.  Six months ago Hope *2 came out. This featured contributions from those in the punk community in an effort to raise money for pikpa lesvos centre. We held back on many contributions from the Irish music scene as we felt it would be nice for this group to extend their support. The results are In Concert. Whilst there are many more who could and deserve to be included we feel this can help form part of a ‘secret history’ of the irish music scene.