Book of the Week – OK Let’s do your Stupid Idea

Written eloquently but in a way that tells the stories direct and with great humour this is a solid collection of tales. Maybe another title could have been “life, it’s been good so far. And the craic was mighty”

Book Of The Week – Captain Jesus

Captain JesusColette SnowdenBlue moose books Misfortune just follows some people around. It has been said that in sport some people or teams make their own luck. If you do something enough times then you may get “lucky”. Or the team on the defensive don’t seem to get the luck. I often wonder is that the … Continue reading Book Of The Week – Captain Jesus

Book of the Week – The burning case for a Green New Deal

Like Roosevelt after world war 2 saw a new deal for Americans some global thinkers think it’s time for a new way of thinking. This time we have a planet to save, not rebuild.

Book of the week – Constellations (and mayber year pt 2)

There is something in the words here that really speaks to me. A middle aged man who has viewed the wider events spoken about here and has celebrated the victories of empowerment for women.

Book of the week – we were rich and we didn’t know it

An intriguing read of a world with no technology. A world of feet and animals for transport instead of bikes and cars. Where food was grown and killed for eating and hot water shared as though it was currency.