Book of the week – we are the clash

Charting the final era of the clash and the politics of the day, the re-election of Thatcher and Reagan and subsequent hounding of the left. Interesting that they were on the rise as the clash was in the demise.

Book of the Week – The Dead Republic

This book speaks of a time when communists were taking over Hungary and China, when places called Israel and Republic of Ireland were only beginning. It’s an historic tale of how Henry Smart helped shape events. Or not as the case more likely was

Book of the week – Another Planet by Tracey Thorn

This book is a beautiful read interspersing thorns diaries and her memories of growing up outside London. It paints a vivid picture of her discos at the weekends, her shopping trips and subsequent interest in music. It is a woman talking about her life growing up as a girl

Book of the week – Michael Harding’s chest Pain

Harding had a heart attack, received a stent and has vowed from that day to give thanks. To sing gratitude to the world. To the doctors and nurses. To the paramedics who got to him within 9 minutes of dialling 999.

Book of the Week – the education of an idealist

Deep down it is a story of some hope. I have opinions on foreign policy and neo liberalism. I feel a torch needs to be shone on human rights abuses and Power is helping to shine a dim light. Hopefully it is one that never fades.