Bugger Banksy
Roy D hacksaw
Earth island Books

How many times have you heard it said that a week is a long time in politics?

Well imagine if you were living in a house on its own plot of land. Your house was hidden away in the countryside. You got up to all sorts of nefarious activity in the house and didn’t want any attention on you?

And then banksy appears in the middle of the night to put some clever politically astute graffiti on your side wall. You chase him off the land not knowing what was going to happen.

This tale takes in that night and the following mad cap week as events unfold. Glyn and Kevin don’t want tourists or anyone looking around their house, prying into their business so they need to figure out what to do. Grand plans aren’t something they are used to making so a madcap journey ensues.

Roy D Hacksaw has been playing in punk bands for years, this is very much the punk novel. Irreverent and funny but between the lines there is some message in there ready and waiting to be explored

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