Cheap Whine anyone?

Cheap whine Cheap whine Drunken sailor 74 The mid to late 70s must have been such an exciting time for people growing up with an interest in music. Suddenly they could play in a band, all they needed was access to an instrument or a microphone if they felt brash enough. Cheap whine could have … Continue reading Cheap Whine anyone?

Jimi Cullen calls for revolution

Jimi Cullen Revolution Jimicullenmusic A call to arms from Wexford troubadour Jimi Cullen. I’m always happy when people put words that mean something to music. And Jimi is happy to let his feeling be know. His is the sound of the risen people as they prepare for battle. I can across Jimi last year when … Continue reading Jimi Cullen calls for revolution

Antillectual – Engage

Antillectual Engage Waterslide Records This record somehow slipped into my grasp. It was on my pile of ones to get around to for a while. Along with a growing number of books this pile is getting bigger. I promised myself over Christmas i would try and tackle it. Songs about materialism and a better way … Continue reading Antillectual – Engage

Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

        Dublin 1976-’77. Bleak, uncompromising and unpromising. The price for looking even a little bit different is getting your head kicked in. Conform, conform, conform was the motto of the time. A motto so ingrained in us that it didn’t have to be spoken out loud. Then came the early angry shouts … Continue reading Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

Quicksand – Interiors

Quicksand Interiors Epitaph So let’s pretend you’ve read a review I’ve written before. You know I place emphasis on memories. I pay homage to an Irish era that was discovering the rest of the world. An ireland pre Celtic tiger. An ireland where our nations confidence was only starting to build. The grey streets were … Continue reading Quicksand – Interiors

Angelic Upstarts – Bullingdon Bastards

Angelic upstarts Bullingdon bastards Boss Tuneage Like any angelic upstarts record this is not just music. It’s a reflection of society and a request for those not happy to do something about it. Musically it’s sing along mid tempo punk rock but the upstarts are still trying to smash the system. Or, failing that, those … Continue reading Angelic Upstarts – Bullingdon Bastards

Bear Trade – Silent Unspeakable

Bear Trade Silent unspeakable Dead broke records "Please raise a glass and speak well of me when I'm gone " sings Greg robson on the opening track to bear trades third album. Well I'm not going to wait and I will continue to speak well of Greg and his band as long as those lungs … Continue reading Bear Trade – Silent Unspeakable

Mystic Inane – EP’s of M/I

It's very rare that a record label gets a description incorrect of one of its bands.  They know them best, theiy know their secret likes and all that goes into the wiritng of their songs.  So when their record label, lavidaesunmus, describe Mystic Inane as "Freaked out FLIPPER meets RUDIMENTARY PENI acid punk from New … Continue reading Mystic Inane – EP’s of M/I

Anxiety -new record

Anxiety, from Glasgow, have been on the go for a year. It is punk rock that would have found a home on the same bill as a band like Amebix but without the fear. There is an unease, almost anxious feel to some of the songs. They are ready to atttack you in a way … Continue reading Anxiety -new record

Album of the Week – Membranes Dark Matter

The Membranes Dark Matter / Dark Energy Cherry Red   Dark brooding atmospheric noise pop from the membranes 25 years since their last release. They have lost none of their manic soundscape or youthful abandon even if they have been unable to halt time and regain their youth. As singer John Robb sings "I am … Continue reading Album of the Week – Membranes Dark Matter