The Winter Passing
New Ways Of Living
Big Scary Monsters

There’s some Irish phrases I totally love. It seems to be part of the Irish psyche to never really applaud sucess, just in case people get a big head. m Sure we are proud of our compatriots who break free from the island but when they get back to the green and pleasant land we make sure their feet stay firmly on the ground.

“What are you like?” is one of these phrases. Not really a question but more a statement of what the speaker believes is fact. So when Stu Daly from Chewing on Tinfoil is singing guest vocals on this record maybe it can be aimed at him. Wouldn’t want him to be getting any notions of grandeur (this is a sarcastic comment and a bad chance of wit in the written word as Stu is a lovely chap and deserves any feelings of grandeur that may be bestowed on him)

So Big Scary Monsters have release the second album from Winter Passing. It has alomost slipped through the radar. It was released last July when the country was opening up to visits from people living here. We could go on holidays on our island after 4 months of lockdown. This was our New way of living and while dublin was heading to Kerry or Wexford, Tipperary emo wasn’t featuring too high. Which is a shame.

Although the record was written during a time when we could interact physically with people and enjoy music as a sonic live experience there is a loneliness and sadness that carried on to many people over the past 12 months. Sure the songs are emotional, clinging on the fragility of humankind. And that’s ok. When we feel low we find comfort in others and many of the songs here cling to that emotional bond. The on off vocals of the Flynn siblings work perfectly. Rob’s gruffer hardcore voice intertwines with Kate’s poppier and almost gothlike tones accompany a sound based in the emo-Rock of bands like Modern baseball.

Prior to all this madness the band were very active, out gigging and touring at every opportunity while holding down jobs over here. While it may be all different at the moment it’s well worth you taking out some time and checking this out


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