Book of the week – Constellations (and mayber year pt 2)

There is something in the words here that really speaks to me. A middle aged man who has viewed the wider events spoken about here and has celebrated the victories of empowerment for women.

Book of the week – we were rich and we didn’t know it

An intriguing read of a world with no technology. A world of feet and animals for transport instead of bikes and cars. Where food was grown and killed for eating and hot water shared as though it was currency.

Book of the Week – the wild Rover

the wild rover  The autobiography of Tomas O Cinneide  Translated by Padraig Tyers Mercier Press Well we all have one book in us and this is Tomas O Cineides one. His life story Begins with the pure poverty which so many people were born into over a century ago. It doesn’t get much better as … Continue reading Book of the Week – the wild Rover