Book of the week – Pull of the stars

Based in a Dublin hospital with scenes of today. The squalor of a century ago is captured perfectly here. Alongside the frontline heroes, sadness abounds. Snippets of a war no soldier wanted and most misunderstood and a country rising to demand its own voice in poverty and hunger.

Book of the week – A year with the Dubs

A year with the dubsDaire Whelan Gill and Macmillan I love reading history books. Of course what defines history? Yesterday? Last century? If it happened it’s history as far as I’m concerned so a book about dublin gaa in 2008 is an historical artifact. This book was written in a different era, the tiger in … Continue reading Book of the week – A year with the Dubs

Book of the Week – GPO Garrison, Easter Week 1916

The GPO Garrison Easter Week 1916 A Biographical dictionary Jimmy wren Geography publications It is the centenary of the Easter rising this year. 100 years on from an historic event and we will continue to be plagued with books on the matter, and rightly so. Many will tell stories of what happened, some may even … Continue reading Book of the Week – GPO Garrison, Easter Week 1916

100 year old man going strong

The one hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared published by Hesperus Press It's been a long time since I was in school. Back in those days it was something that got in the way of playing football or playing cards or hanging around talking about football or cards. There … Continue reading 100 year old man going strong

The family fang – reviewed

The family fang by Kevin Wilson published by picador books This is a smart story. The concept behind the whole thing is compelling. 2 people interested in challenging people's perceptions in the name of art become husband and wife (for real after many times doing it for their art) and have a family. The conundrum … Continue reading The family fang – reviewed