Rebellion 2017 – Day 2

Before every trip to Blackpool I sit down, pore through the lineup and pick out the must see and the nice to see. I have a problem today. 34 bands are on the list. That may not have been an issue for 18 year old self but it is a problem. It will sort itself … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 2

Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 113 1. Pup - reservoir 2. Pup - Dark Days 3. Down By Law - rebel Conformist 4. Bangers - The Pits 5. Maxwells Dead - Home 6. Black Flag - TV Party 7. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Computers Don't Have a Heartbat 8. Apes Brigade - The Interrogation of the Good 9. Protomartyr - … Continue reading Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 111 – The Lowdown ‎ Hope Show 111 1. The Blades - The Last Man In Europe 2. Mighty Midgets - Burn After Rolling 3. Wonk Unit - Nan 4. Bad Brains - I and I Survive 5. Jinx Lennon - Conquistadors of Gas 6. Ghost Mice - Samhain 7. Weakerthans - Watermark 8. A Witness - I … Continue reading Hope Show 111 – The Lowdown

Any flies on us?

Flies on You Fan Base Repellant diy digital only Leeds avant garde punk rock duo have given us all a late Christmas present with the follow up to the excellent etcetera album which was released in march this year (still can just about say that) They take a beat, repeat and doug talks acerbic over … Continue reading Any flies on us?

Epic Problem – Lines EP

Epic Problem Lines EP So how do you like your music? It's a pretty hard question to answer isn't it? Me, I like it all ways. Depends on the mood I suppose. I can take redneck manifesto or god is an astronaut and their post rock instrumental offerings. I can take flies on you and … Continue reading Epic Problem – Lines EP

Flies On You – Nothing To Write Home About

Flies On You - Nothing to write Home About I Love that bass sound. It's like JJ burnell from the Stranglers has joined nomeansno. I have this album on loop for a few days and Am loving it. I remember a world of compilation tapes and hand written letters we mailed to each other. I … Continue reading Flies On You – Nothing To Write Home About