Interview: Dublin D.J. Jen Healy

My favourite DJ on the Dublin scene is Jen Healy. I am always amazed by how she combines old and new, mod and punk, funk, pop and even a bit of rock. I've seen her pack dancefloors in many clubs, although she seemed to have hit her stride in the Saturday night spot in the … Continue reading Interview: Dublin D.J. Jen Healy

Gangs- Back To School

Gangs Back To School Reekus Records The term back to school resonates with me nopt more but equally comparable to most parents of children age between 5 and 17. Of course for us it's a bout financial issues and lunchboxes and schoolbooks. Gangs aren't getting at that but I still have that struggle. "Try and … Continue reading Gangs- Back To School

Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown

Tonights show, the lowdown 1. THe Blades - Last Man IN Europe 2. Bangers - Blind Hindsight 3. NoFX - US Aholes 4. The Great St Louis - DOnt ASk 5. The Jam - Down IN the Tube Station 6. BL'AST - SSSHHH 7. Fury - Resurrection 8. Rudimentary Peni - The Rain 9. HDQ … Continue reading Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown