Distant Population Quicksand Epita

Distant Population

A highlight of 2021 musically was me buying this album and receiving it in the post 2 days later from the always speedy and helpful Alex disto-y. 

When that needle hit the dayglo psychedelic coloured vinyl I was in no way disappointed. The hardcore edge of the band has definitely subsided but their roots are still very firmly in the genre. 

When the band rose from the ashes of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today their peers were Fugazi and Helmet and as time evolves the rocking riffs of Helmet are more pronounced than the stop start rhythms of before. 

Walters voice is as strong as ever with that swirling sound accompanying the riffs and rock. This record will have your body moving if you have listened and enjoyed any sort of alternative music in the 90’s. There are hints of James Addiction territory at times. 

Subert artwork on the gatefold sleeve from Tetsunori Tawaraya May create a feeling of an Arthur C Clarke novel. This is a statement of isolation we have all been feeling as our close world becomes disparate. This fourth album from the band rocks out more than it’s previous 3 and sees the band as strong as ever.


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