Book of the week – What was that 30 year plan again?

This book details the journey of 30 years. It is written in yearly chapters and gives a perfect feel for the journey Therapy? went on. All the albums are dissected and lots of direct quotes from the members show how when they started they were just music fans and thirty years later that’s what they still are. Lovers of other people music playing music that suits them. That feeling really comes across here. Times may have changed, creases may be on faces but deep down they are still those kids making a racket.

Therapy?, Shred, Pig Ignorance – Dublin 1990

Dec 2 1990 Therapy?, Shred, Pig Ignorance Attic Benefit for Irish M.E. Association I still felt ill and was seriously lacking in energy. Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome had given way to a new diagnosis - M.E. If I took even any small exercise I suffered severe muscle pain. My parents bought me a typewriter and I got … Continue reading Therapy?, Shred, Pig Ignorance – Dublin 1990