Play of the day has you spoiled

New 8 song ep out now from Canterburys finest The spoilers has been in the works for quite a while. This release even seeing the light of day is a lesson in adversity with lockdowns, cancellations and a general urge to wonder what it’s all about.

Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk

Russ Bestley has established a reputation as one of the great historians of popular music. His specific area is punk, post-punk and DIY music. The 2015 book, The Art of Punk which he co-authored with Alex Ogg is one of the best books ever written about popular music. It includes many of the most original … Continue reading Russ Bestley Interview. The Art of Punk

Suspect Device *56

Suspect Device *56 Wow  56 issues of a self published magazine, or fanzine to me and you. I've written a few different zines since my first, Whose Life Is It Anyway back in 1984 when Suspect device was just starting.  Here they are 30 years on and still as keen and enthusiastic as ever.  The best … Continue reading Suspect Device *56

Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunshine

Vanilla Pod Seeing Out the Sunshine TNS / Dry Heave In 1995 Vanilla Pod started pushing their brand of hardcore on to the masses. That included a trip to ireland as they tried to woo audiences with that fast US influenced sound, harking back to New York. They seemed to pop up on so many … Continue reading Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunshine

Cavillers – New Puritan ep

I've been enjoying this a lot lately 4 emotionally tinged songs with meaningful words on organised religion, homelessness, colonisation and nuclear apocalypse. I'm reminded of Down By Law and Quicksand in parts. I hear the Durham two piece have more recordings in store. Here's hoping niallhope

Wound – Deep Cuts In All The Wrong Places

Wound Deep Cuts in all the Wrong Places Download Chester hardcore band have produced 5 songs in 7 minutes, not to be confused with the Dublin noise band with the extra s at the end. Actually some internet research has shown up a long list of bands around the word Wound. It commences with the … Continue reading Wound – Deep Cuts In All The Wrong Places