Play of the day – Soulglo Wow, all I can say after listening to this relentless attack on your senses is Wow. Full on raging, screaming, hip hop, punk rock hardcore mix. There's a lazy bad brains reference but this is way past DCs finest. It's an expression of rage. Incredible

Book of the week – Pull of the stars

Based in a Dublin hospital with scenes of today. The squalor of a century ago is captured perfectly here. Alongside the frontline heroes, sadness abounds. Snippets of a war no soldier wanted and most misunderstood and a country rising to demand its own voice in poverty and hunger.

Book of the Week – the wild Rover

the wild rover  The autobiography of Tomas O Cinneide  Translated by Padraig Tyers Mercier Press Well we all have one book in us and this is Tomas O Cineides one. His life story Begins with the pure poverty which so many people were born into over a century ago. It doesn’t get much better as … Continue reading Book of the Week – the wild Rover