Play of the day – Epic problem / Slow Death

Epic Problem / Slow DeathSplit 7”Brassneck records 2 bands on similar lines. Gruff punk rock with heartfelt feelings. Slow to death sing of a life with little meaning while epic problem give us the hope to battle through and make the change we all need or want. 4 punk tunes to sing along to. Refreshing.

Play of the day – Mean Girls

Mean GirlsIs this me foreverCommunity records With vocals sounding far away in the mix this is a nice trip into emo punk. There’s feeling right throughout touching on chaos with song tempo changes and even anthemic in parts. There’s nods to rites of spring in here but also an air of pop throughout. Each song … Continue reading Play of the day – Mean Girls

Book of the Week – The Brave Athlete

The Brave Athlete Calm the fxxk down Lesley Paterson and Simon Marshall Velopress I’m a sucker for self help books. If they can help my mind be more positive in any aspect of life then they’ve done the trick. Ironically though any good book helps my mind be more positive. Learning is a positive experience … Continue reading Book of the Week – The Brave Athlete

Play of the Day – Down and Outs

Down and OutsDouble NegativeYoYo records Nice bit of passionate sing along punk rock here. 13 songs that bring you through modern England. The lyric sheets comes complete with chord details if you want to play along. Modern England is, like many democracies, going through some kind of crisis. The country has been divided not by … Continue reading Play of the Day – Down and Outs

This weeks gigs : Sept 16 – 22

This week we have a good selection of DIY and punk rock old and new. On Thursday we have the relaunch of Dublin Punk / new Wave band The Atrix. They are releasing their long awaited anthology, ‘Dublin 1979-1981’. The following night sees Alive In Dublin's latest venture - this time it is UK working … Continue reading This weeks gigs : Sept 16 – 22