Clandestino – In Search of Manu Chao

"You cannot change the world but everyone can change their neighburhood" Clandestino In Search of Manu Chao Peter Culshaw Serpents Tail publishers I've always been stubborn. It's a trait I recognise when talking to my stubborn Father. For Example I used to really like the Cardiacs, I went to see them twice and their anarchic … Continue reading Clandestino – In Search of Manu Chao

The 2 tone era

Horace Panter Ska'd for life Panmacmillan books Pauline Black Black By Design Serpentstail publishing 2 books from 2 people in 2 different bands during the same era, both autobiographies. Horace's one has been on my shelf for a while now but after picking up Pauline Blacks autobiography I thought I would do them both justice … Continue reading The 2 tone era

What In the World is going on?

What In The World political travels in Africa, Asia and the Americas Peadar King Liffey Press When I was a kid I loved fairytales. I had pictures in my mind of good winning out over evil and happy endings being the real story of life. Of course as age took over it became one of … Continue reading What In the World is going on?

100 year old man going strong

The one hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared published by Hesperus Press It's been a long time since I was in school. Back in those days it was something that got in the way of playing football or playing cards or hanging around talking about football or cards. There … Continue reading 100 year old man going strong

The family fang – reviewed

The family fang by Kevin Wilson published by picador books This is a smart story. The concept behind the whole thing is compelling. 2 people interested in challenging people's perceptions in the name of art become husband and wife (for real after many times doing it for their art) and have a family. The conundrum … Continue reading The family fang – reviewed

The House of Silk

The House of Silk Anthony Horowitz (orion books) growing up I was a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes movies. Nigel Bruce and Basil rathbone my favourite actors and Arthur Conan Doyle the best novelist ever. I never really read any of his works but those films held a special place in my heart. As the … Continue reading The House of Silk

Come here and i tell ya

Come Here to Me! Dublin's Other history (New Ireland Press) Ive been a very interested observer to a few Dublin blogs over the past couple of years and high on the list has been There is always something interesting to view and stories to read. Bringing out a book with a collection of these … Continue reading Come here and i tell ya

The City Is Ablaze

Music is so emotive. Most of my life experiences have a soundtrack And as I sit recalling tales of yesteryear to my 3kids there is usually a song, gig, album or band reference. My memories of youth revolve around sporting or musical events. First football match is equalled by first album. Sure I remember euro … Continue reading The City Is Ablaze

Gimme Something Better Please

Gimme Something Better - "The Profound, Progressive, and ocassionally pointless History of Bay Area Punk from Dead Kennedys to Green Day" by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor (Penguin Books) I love these types of books.  Historical, geographical and telling a punk rock stroy.  Every City has a story and more and more cities have these … Continue reading Gimme Something Better Please

behind the SCENES with Green Day – Cometbus *54

The great DIY Vs Major Label debate is generally presented in black and white. There is so much talk about 'selling out' that we sometimes forget that some people live in both worlds simultaneously. Niall Hope got me the latest issue of Cometbus fanzine and it is fascinating. It also gives a great insider prespective … Continue reading behind the SCENES with Green Day – Cometbus *54