OK, let’s do your stupid idea
Patrick Freyne
Penguin Press

Books can be such a lonely pastime. This blog is my book club where I reflect on what I’ve read. I generally sit in silence and read but there are times when I have a soundtrack depending on the books content.

This is one such read – Patrick has played in bands around Dublin. He aspires to be a musician and gets to mention some bands that caught his attention over the years. This allowed me to reminisce about the pixies, babes in Toyland and anarcho punk. Each one has played a part in my life.

This is a collection of stories from the authors life to date. We all have a book in us and Patrick’s life is no more or less interesting that any one of us. We all have tales of our youth but reading this collection has me squirming and laughing and relating my own escapades along the way.

Written eloquently but in a way that tells the stories direct and with great humour this is a solid collection of tales. Maybe another title could have been “life, it’s been good so far. And the craic was mighty”.


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