Hope Show 127 – the lowdown

This weeks Hope Show on Radioactive International available here Aerial Salad - Conservative ThinkingSteve Ignorant - Love and a LampostDealing With Damage - Hate Can Set You FreeGood Luck - Hey MattDinosaur Jnr - TinyA Page Of Punk - Punk Til I DieRoughneck Riot - Ignorance Is EasyBear Trade - Bleedin' Heart TroubleFlies On You … Continue reading Hope Show 127 – the lowdown

Dublin Bowie Festival 2020

The annual Dublin Bowie Festival returns for its fifth edition from Wednesday January 8th until Sunday January 12th and again, fans of the singer are in for a treat with the 5 night event set to celebrate 50 years of The Man Who Sold The World

Hope show 125 – the lowdown

This weeks Hope Show is now available Jan 4 2020 SE Rogie - Recipe for true and lasting happinessJeff Rosenstock - USAPardon Us - It's a Phil Ochs Kind of DaySpookyland - NowherelandHooligan - Punk Rock'n'RollChewing On Tinfoil - Marrowbone LaneGRIT - DiamondMenace - Too Many Punks Are DeadNeutrals - Missing RecordsNeutrals - SwissKleenex - … Continue reading Hope show 125 – the lowdown

Play of the day – Mean Girls

Mean GirlsIs this me foreverCommunity records With vocals sounding far away in the mix this is a nice trip into emo punk. There’s feeling right throughout touching on chaos with song tempo changes and even anthemic in parts. There’s nods to rites of spring in here but also an air of pop throughout. Each song … Continue reading Play of the day – Mean Girls

Rebellion 2019 – Day 3

Rebellion 2019 - day 3 This is my final day and the penultimate for most. I could only journey for three days of punk this year. The life and world many bands sing about changing still goes on and family life calls me this year. I decide to go for something different this year. When … Continue reading Rebellion 2019 – Day 3