Thanks from We Shall Overcome 2017

We had a good turnout at our PUNK!DIY!40 event last night and managed to raise €300 for Aoibhneas Womens Refuge

There is a fine line in any of these events between trying to tell a story and being self indulgent.  Hopefully we struck a balance with it last night Have a listen yourselves

We started with a panel discussing punk rock today and the recorded output of Paranoid Visions and GRIT
Clodagh, (Hope Collective, Slanted and Enchanted fanzine, GRIT)
Aoife Destruction (Paranoid Visions)
Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions, FOAD Records, DIY promoter)

We moved on to The Story of the Radiators with  Steve Rapid and Pete Holidai who gave an insight into the Dublin of the early to mid 70’s with brilliant direction from Roisin Dwyer as Chair

Steve and Pete were joined by  Kitty Kav (the Boy Scoutz) who discussed being in an all women band in Ireland in 1977.

Jimi Cullen played a couple of protest songs to show us that acoustic folk protest music is still alive

Kitty stayed on to talk of here agitation with Suzanne Rhatighan (Toy With Rhythm), Ferdia MacAnna (Rocky de Valera/The Rhythm Kings) and Bernie Furlong (the Golden Horde).  The one thing that shone through was their love for music and passion for trying to get a viewpoint across through it all

It all finished with a discussion with ‘promoters’ Elvera Butler (Cork Kampus, Reekus Records), Edwina Forkin (first female Ents Officer in TCD/film-maker), Caroline O’Sullivan (DJ/promoter) and ourselves talking about our love for dong what we did.

Video footage will follow but thanks to all the people for generously donating their time


We Shall Overcome Dublin 2017





40 Years of Punk and D.I.Y. in Ireland.


The Hope Collective proudly presents a series of chats to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the pivotal TV Tube Heart from the Radiators From Space.


Grand Social, Dublin

Sunday 1st October 2017

5 pm to 9 pm


Followed by a Grant Hart/ Hüsker Dü celebration. Listening to some of their songs.

Admission €5



All proceeds to Aoibhneas Women’s Refuge and Crosscare homeless charity.


Members of Ireland’s punk and DIY music community will chat about their experiences, the fun and the legacy of punk and DIY.




Steve Rapid and Pete Holidai (Radiators)

Kitty Kav (the Boy Scoutz)

Deborah Blacoe

Suzanne Rhatighan (Toy With Rhythm)

Ferdia MacAnna (Rocky de Valera/The Rhythm Kings)

Elvera Butler (Cork Kampus, Reekus Records)

Bernie Furlong (the Golden Horde)

Edwina Forkin (first female Ents Officer in TCD/film-maker)

Caroline O’Sullivan (DJ/promoter)

Clodagh, (Hope Collective, Slanted and Enchanted fanzine, GRIT)

Aoife Destruction (Paranoid Visions)

Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions, FOAD Records, DIY promoter)



This event is part of the global We Shall Overcome initiative of local events to raise money and awareness for local charities.



Or Michael at



Tickets available here




Cathal Funge….a great documentary on 1977 Punk in Ireland

Cathal Funge has produced an excellent radio documentary on 1977 the year that punk established a foothold in Ireland.

The show includes some great reflections by participants including two of the best bands of the era, the Undertones and the Radiators from Space. You can hear:

Elvera Butler (Reekus Records and Cork Kampus venue)

Smiley Bolger (DJ and promoter of Moran’s, McGonagles and the New Inn)

Fachtna O’Ceallaigh (manager of the Boomtown Rats)

John O’Neill (Undertones)

Pete Holidai (The Radiators from Space, Trouble Pilgrims)

John Creedon (broadcaster)

Donal Gallagher (manager of Rory Gallagher)

and the historian Diarmaid Ferriter.

It is a fascinating piece of work, and really captures the spirit of the times.

Here is a link to the documentary:–The-year-Irish-music-was-reborn

Cathal was kind enough to answer some of our questions about the documentary and what inspired him to delve deeper into the story of punk in Ireland.



May fest 2017

Hope Collective are delighted to be involved with Mayfest 2017. Mayfest is a celebration of Workers Clulture and is running nightly in Liberty Hall from May 1 to May 12.

Our event is on Tuesday May 2 with an event compered by Actor Bryan Murray. Joining Bryan will be Fran QUigle (booker of McGonagles in the 70’s), Smiley Bolger (Booked the New Inn and many others), Elvera Butler (Cork Promoter and main person behind Reekus Records). Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions, former Trinity College Ents Officer Edwina Forkin, the authrs of In Concert, Niall McGuirk and Michael Murphy. There will be guest appearances from Colm Walsh, Ken Duffy and Pete Holidai

All will be talking about their experiences in and around the music and punk scene in Dublin and ireland. It should be a fascinating evening as we continue to document what has gone before us.

Banter – Feb 21

On Tuesday February 21, myself, Michael and a number of those who’ve contributed to the book – plus some surprise guests – will join Jim Carroll at Banter to talk about the book, the notion of favourite gigs and read their selections as well. Audience contributions welcome too. Guests speaking include….
Ellie & Louise McNamara (Heathers) on The Mountain Goats, Bloomington 2011
Frances Roe (Jam Jar Jail) on Rocket from the Crypt, Dublin 2001,
Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films and ex-TCD Ents Officer) on Sonic Youth/Nirvana and early Therapy?, 1991
Elvera Butler (Reekus Records) on The Stranglers and The Who, 1970s
Suzanne Rhatigan (singer and promoter) on Grace Jones at Electic Picnic, 2015
Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions) on the Poison Girls at Sean McDermott Street, Dublin, 1983
Ferdia Mac Anna (director, novelist, screenwriter & Rock Devalera) on Thin Lizzy, Dublin, 1971
Peter Devlin (musician, producer and broadcaster) on The Specials/The Beat, Stardust, Dublin, 1981
Mick Heaney (journalist and DJ) on The Cramps, Boston, 1986

Tickets only €5.50 available here –

Banter on In Concert will take place at Wigam (Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1) on Tuesday February 21. Doors open at 6pm and the event will kick off at 6.30pm.
Like the book, all proceeds will go to the Irish Red Cross’ Syria Appeal.

Riot Tapes – Cardinal Rules out soon


Riot Tapes
Cardinal Rules
Reekus records

I love the name Riot Tapes, if I could judge this band by their name this review would be a completely different collection of words.

I had a vision of a band out to upset the music business, maybe low fi but certainly edgy with an attitude as shard as Sissy. They have a record coming out on Nov 14 on interesting Dublin label, Reekus Records. Unfortunately I have had to listen to it. Polished electro pop that will no doubt appeal to a legion but I can’t see that legion coming on here.



New video from Gangs

GANGS has released the video for their newest single, the title track from their debut EP, Back To School . The EP is available now from Reekus Records, The video was directed by Gansee Films and the track was produced by Brian Foley of The Blades. Watch it here:


Death In The Sickroom – Brick To The Face ep

Death In The Sickroom
Brick To The Face EP
Reekus Records


irish pop that makes me thijnk of Hey Paulette. Will we ever see a band like them? Maybe not and they hold a rightful place at top of the jangle charts in this country. Not sure if Death In the sickroom are even aware of Hey Paulette but their legacy has laid the groundwork for bands like this. It’s guitar pop with a jangle and plenty of bass and treble. A nod to the Smiths for sure but the NME C86 sound didn’t make a noise for nothing and I can hear Wolfhounds and McCarthy behind the chord progression here. Ok they may not be asking “Should the Bible BE Banned” as McCarthy did back then but it’s clean sound is worth investigating.


Gangs- Back To School

Back To School
Reekus Records

The term back to school resonates with me nopt more but equally comparable to most parents of children age between 5 and 17. Of course for us it’s a bout financial issues and lunchboxes and schoolbooks. Gangs aren’t getting at that but I still have that struggle.

“Try and spend all your life dreaming” they exclaim during Back To School, as I dream of a better world for me and my children. It evokes memories of Blades singing Downmarket. Clean mod sound with echoey vocals.

Each of the 4 tracks carry that “could have been written by Paul Cleary” guitar sound. Back to school is downmarket but it gets more pop with the loving overtones of Daisy. Poison IN Your Liffey Blood takes on a more serious tone as it talks about the bands hometown of Dublin. A town riddled with hypocricy, poverty, trouble and inspiration. Heartening to see that a group of teenagers have no qualms about dealing with the land of their birth so openly. Much like Paul Cleary and indeed Paul Weller could do.

Finally you get Young Employment with its jam, blades and beatles mix. Clean and refreshing