My autobiography
Jason Sherlock
I was uncomfortable before reading this. My dad started bringing me to see dublin football matches and training since I was a kid in single digit years. Over 40 years later I’m still going. I’ve passed this on to my kids and see the beauty in sport.
Through the time there has been many different levels of Dublin football (and hurling which I have grown more fond of) with players coming and going. When watching a team regularly it seems like you know the people. It may be an hour every couple of weeks but in between you are thinking of the players and the challenges.

Jason Sherlock was one such player. I’ve followed his playing and subsequently coaching career with huge interest that I feel I could nearly have written this book. However my tale would have been all the good parts. I’m not so sure I wanted to know any other side.   What also makes it uncomfortable is the fact that Jason is still heavily involved. I’m not sure I was ready to delve into another side of this life when the public one is still, well very much public.

So the book tells of games I was at, occasions I was dressed in blue for. It’s an aid to nostalgia but provided no new nuggets of information and that’s what makes these books all the more difficult. How can he give away too many secrets a when he’s still involved in the game? No secrets were shared. As it’s a topic that has played a huge part of my life I was poring through the pages but if you have the interest you probably already know everything that’s in here

See some of his best moves here


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