Oh what interesting times. A week doesn’t go by without something of interest happening in the Capital City and whilst a lot of focus will be on the rally organised by the National Housing and homeless coalition on Tuesday lunchtime outside Leinster House there’s a pretty cool gig that night in Drop Dead twice with Billy Liar coming over from Scotland to play with his friend Joe McMahon. Two days later Jinx Lennon is in the Thomas House and then on Saturday the incredible Interrobang are in Drop Dead Twice. Unfortunately Yurt are on the same night. I know us music fans tend to rave eloquently about our favourite bands, of which there are many, but if you can get out on Saturday. Please do, Interrobang are brilliant live. We interviewed them a while back, raved about their album and this week they will be picking thursday tunes. Oh and the bloody amazing Jeff rosenstock is in town too on Saturday. Dublin, you are blessed

This weeks gigs in Dublin

Whitey fords house of pain – sugar club, oct 1
Liza Anne – east side tavern, Oct 1
Crowbar, Ingested – Voodoo Lounge, Oct 2
Billy liar, Joe McMahon (Smoke Or Fire), Cory & Kirsty Call (Arliss Nancy) & Adam Carroll (Good Friend) – drop dead twice, oct 3
Westerman – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 3
Fatherson – Whelans, Oct 3
Hot Sprockets – Bowery Bar, Oct 4
Joan Shelley – East Side tavern Oct 4
Blue Fish Diamond – Grand Social, Oct 4
Brian Deady – Whelans, Oct 5
The Rubber Wellies – Workmans Club, Oct 5
Jinx Lennon and TPM – Thomas House, Oct 5
Conor Ward – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 5
Boy Azooga – Grand Social, Oct 5
Nava – Bello Bar, Oct 5
Miles Graham – Bowery Bar, Oct 5
New sounds in an old place featuring Ye Vagabonds, dowry, Natalya O’Flaherty, ena Brennan – glasdrum, October 5
Brian Deady – Whelans, Oct 5
Blisargon Demogorgon – Full Moon Psytrance – Voodoo Lounge, Oct 5
LUCA STRICAGNOLI – Button factory, Oct 5
The Rubber Wellies – Workmans Club, Oct 5
Dakka Skanks, Boss Reggae Train – Drop Dead Twice, Oct 5
KERO KERO BONITO – Whelans, Oct 6
Jeff Rosenstock – Workmans Club, Oct 6
Paddy Hanna – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 6
Interrobang, I Am A Car Crash – Drop Dead Twice, Oct 6
Yurt album Launch – Bello Bar, Oct 6
They Might Be Giants – Button Factory, Oct 6
Emmy The Great, – Grand Social, Oct 7
Darwin Deez – Workmans Club, Oct 7

List of upcoming gigs here

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