It’s not just a week for big names like Idles, Toots and the maytals, Corrossion of Conformity and Slackers it’s also a nice week for experimental music as the ever interesting Enthusiastic Eunoch are putting a gig on with Eartheater and Natalia Beylis are in Bello Bar on Wednesday.

Pitchfork says
“In Eartheater’s burgeoning musical world, women don’t need to fold their voices in service of beauty. They are free to make a ruckus, to sound monstrous, to gnash their teeth at anyone who would pen them in.” Natalya is a member of Woven Skull who are playing the following night also. For this gig her solo live set on this evening will be “whoosh whoosh….electric piano in stereo” played upon an Elettronica Ancona – Diamond Model through two Fender amps.

This Weeks Gigs

Idles, Heavy Lungs – Button Factory, Oct 22
State Champs – Academy, Oct 22
Halo Maud – Workmans Club, Oct 22
Corrosion of Conformity – Tivoli theatre, Oct 22
SHADOWS OF THE TAIN – Whelans, Oct 22
Nerino Pallot – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 23
Max graze – Academy, Oct 23
ROLLER TRIO – Whelans, oct 23
Sea Girls – Workmans Club, Oct 23
Jono McLeery, EMil Landman – Grand Social, Oct 23
Toots and the Maytals – Tivoli theatre, Oct 23
Mutual benefit – Whelans, Oct 24
Eartheater, Natalia Beylis – bello bar, oct 24
Kris Drever – Workmans Club, Oct 24
Jamali Maddix – Whelans, Oct 25
Bay Waves – East Side tavern, Oct 25
W.A.L.K.E.R. – fibbers, Oct 25
Elderbrook – Academy, Oct 25
Cosmic Dead, Wild Rocket, Extravision – Drop Dead Twice, Oct 25
People Under The Stairs – Sugar Club, Oct 26
Leila Jane – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 26
Galway Street Club – Whelans, Oct 26
Vokxen, Reevah, Molto Vivo, Opal Lights – Fibbers, Oct 26
Montauk Hotel – Workmans Club, Oct 26
Bloody Kisses – Button Factory, Oct 26
Nadja, Rainfear, Luxury Mollusc – Bello Bar, Oct 26
Stick in the wheel – Cobblestone, Oct 27
Slackers – voodoo lounge, October 27
Carlos and the Bandidos – Thomas House, Oct 27
Her’s – Whelans Upstairs, Oct 27
COUPE GORGE, Pożoga, Flashpoint, Electric Bill, the Meter Reade – Bohs, Oct 27
Phosphorescent – Tivoli theatre, Oct 27
Piękni i Młodzi – Button Factory, Oct 27
PJ Morton – Whelans, Oct 27

List of upcoming gigs here

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