This weeks Gigs Dec 3 – 9

Some good Stuff this week – in other times New Model Army playing a gig in Dublin would be a highlight of the year, we are spoiled so much for choice these days that I’m contemplating not going, life eh? The night before sees a very interesting event in Jigsaw – some call it post folk, others say eclectic – judge for yourself below. Saturday is the real dilemna. Tom Holliston picked the Thursday tunes last week in anticipation of his gig in the Cobblestone. Cadaver Club picked them the previous week in advance of Buddyfest this weekend. Thankfully Buddyfest is over 2 days. Also on Saturday you have Chastity in Whelans and DD Hardcore Festival in the Hut. So many bands in one night

Gruff rhys – Button Factory Dec 3
Fratellis – Academy, Dec 3
Madball – Voodoo Lounge, Dec 3
SG Lewis – Academy, Dec 5
Molly Burch – Grand Social, Dec 6
Bell Lungs, Jon Collin, Natalia Beylis, Aonghus McEvoy – Jigsaw, Dec 6
The Blizzards – Whelans, Dec 6
New Model Army – Button Factory, Dec 7
Gregory Alan Isakov, Joe Purdy – Academy, Dec 7
The wandering Hearts – Workmans Club, Dec 7
Corner Boy – Whelans Upstairs, Dec 7
Julia Holter – Button Factory, Dec 8
Tess Parks – Grand Social, Dec 8
Jacob Banks – Academy, Dec 8
Frank and Walters – Whelans, dec 8
Toby Driver, Magic Pockets – Workmans, Dec 8
Tom Holliston (from NoMeansNo and Hanson Brothers) and Selina Martin – Cobblestone, Dec 8
Chastity – Whelans Upstairs, dec 8
DDHC Festival, No Approval, Over Being Under, held Back, Care – The Hut, Dec 8
Buddyfest with Trashcat, Butcher Baby, Existenz (Swe), The Lee Harveys, The Booty Crew, Affected Youth, Amongst the Wolves, Nomatrix, SNüBBED – Drop Dead Twice, Dec 8
Buddyfest with Cadaver Club, SHITHaTT, Stop! Stop! Start Again, Tonic All-Stars, Deathgrip, Madhouse, Drastics – Drop Dead Twice, Dec 9

List of upcoming gigs here

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