Play of the Day – Wiretap Latest Compilation

ATTENTION: A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation

Wiretap Records (download only)

Wiretap records is a label that likes to give back to their communuty. Each quarter they do a a compilation available for download as a name your price on bandcamp for whatever organisation they wish to publicise this season. This time round it is the ACLU (american Council for Civlil Liberties)

30 bands with roots in some sort of punk rock be that the pop sensibilities of Space Cadet or Lousy Advice. Or it could be the ska punk of Call Me malcom. Or maybe the faster edgier pop punk sound of Moore Family band or Palette Knife. There’s some post punk with Cat tropics and even a nod to dc with Kali Masi. of course the scream along at the top of your lungs is not forgotten with the inclusion of kid you not, safety and Lost In Society with the emotionally fuelled sound of casket lottery topping it all of.

Well worth your attention.


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