Blood Sun
Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube Records

If I was to list all the bands Sned has played in I would suddenly have to pay a lot more for storage on this website. He has hopped from band to band in the punk  noise experimental scene since learning to hold sticks in the 80’s

His latest musical creative outpouring is Mienakunaru. This is their second album where you turn the record up loud, very loud and get lost in the sound. 

If the idea of spinning in a vortex as you move from one dimension to the next appeals then this could be your soundtrack. It drones, they are in no rush to finish their songs. The psychedelic fuzz of the songs repeat while the bass and drums provide a solid retentive background. I’m sitting in my back garden listening to this – police sirens in the background fit right in and the building site that is a property developers dream may not be on today but the rhythm here reminds me of those workers during the week. Hammering away, making fortunes for faceless people building houses that few can afford to buy. I close my eyes and dream and get lost in this sound. 


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