The Sewer Cats
Get It
TNS Record

Following on from the debut album ‘Cute Aggression’, the Sewer Cats further explore their wide pool of influences while harnessing the chaotic sounds of the live performances the duo are known for across the DIY punk scene.

Lyrically, the song is a scathing satirical attack on consumerism, influencer culture, and toxic pervading political ideals: that we should all aspire to chase wealth and power… and trickle-down economics will take care of the rest. To hell with everyone else!

The paired down angular post-punk sounds and sarcastic vocal delivery in the verse only serves as a contrast as The Sewer Cats, once again, launch into full on feral attack mode with a trademark catchy shout-a-long chorus served with a huge wall of fuzz.

Prepare to shout ‘Get It’ from the rafters #girlbosses

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