Play of the day – Spoilers

SpoilersRoundaboutsBoss Tuneage / Little rocket / Brassneck / SBAM In the true spirit of punk rock collegiality Spoilers didn't allow a chase for their signature to win out for this record. That may yet happen but in the meantime 4 little labels have pooled their resources together to help this release see the light of … Continue reading Play of the day – Spoilers

Play of the Day – Bangers

Play of the day - bangers Bird Specialist subject records Guitar terrorists, Bangers, decommissioned their instruments a couple of years ago but we still have the memory of three albums.  Bird was their final one and saw the band singing tunes for you to just enjoy listening to. I never tire of them. 

Who are the Young Conservatives

Young conservatives Non exist Total recall records Fast and frenetic but not altogether memorable this is a solid release. 5 songs of angry thrashy hardcore. There’s bits of articles of faith in here which is certainly no bad thing. There is little information in the sleeve but the internet tells me “Young Conservatives. Not young. … Continue reading Who are the Young Conservatives

Bear Trade Interview

  Anybody who has followed this blog will know of my respect and admiration for uk band Bear Trade. Last week I described as "think Leatherface, the replacements and wedding present getting together to write some songs with northern sensibility" for Thursday Tunes. Or when I reviewed their excellent new album, Silent Unspeakable and described … Continue reading Bear Trade Interview

Primetime – Going Places 7″

Catchy post punk sound from London based 4 piece Primetime. This is their second 7" but the band are new to me. I'm sure they haven't taken their name from the RTE current affairs programme and their sound is a post punk barrage that Kleenex would have been proud of. Angular Gang of four type … Continue reading Primetime – Going Places 7″

My Favourite Gig by Beki Bondage

This is the third in a series all taken from the Fanzine Hope *.2. The fanzine sees a collection of 70 contributors from the punk rock world.  All asked the same question What is Your Favourite Gig. The zine is €5 including postage to anywhere  It is a benefit for Pikpa Refugee Centre, Lesvos   Pay … Continue reading My Favourite Gig by Beki Bondage

Label Of The Week- TNS Records

TNS Records are based in Manchester, England.  They aim to support great underground punk and ska.  That is their mission statement but it's all too simplistic. It's not just a label, home to Wonk Unit, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Mighty Midgets and lots more. It is a fanzine, a gig promoter, home to many great … Continue reading Label Of The Week- TNS Records