Play of the day Alexis Marshall challenges with his debut

This is not an album for those seeking tunes to get them through the day. It is a reflection of a mind trying to come to terms with what is going on in this crazy busy world, trying to make sense when sometimes there is no sense to be made.

Play of the day nofx aren’t playing punk rock singles

Safe to say that after 14 records NOFX don't need any new fans or friends. This may not gather any but if it was your introduction to the band it would be a good starting point which is one of the best compliments you could play to band that just keeps on giving.

Play of the Day Lockdown Los Fastidios

While the world was pretty much in lockdown as nature was taking some revenge on humanity people were finding different ways to keep creative. Los fastidios broke the boredom by setting up their own lockdown show, here is their medley of lockdown tunes.

Play of the day – the heavy Seas are lifting

For Heavy Seas the sound is akin to Swervedriver being played by Hardcore fans, guitars are hopping everywhere with heartfelt lyrics being sung. Right throughout it's a wall of guitars crescending almost wave like around you.