Play of the day is not Toxic

Toxic Waste wore their hearts in their sleeves and warzone eventually ended. So did the open conflict but the underlying reasons haven’t changed that much. The streets of Dublin and Belfast have more colours now. Things have progressed but still we look to Capital for direction when maybe there could be a better way.

Play of the day – well it’s Rudimentary

Rudimentary Peni forced you to listen to them, always a little bit uncomfortable and unsure. Nick Blinkos art was always a joy as you could examine it while the music was on and find something new each time.

Play of the day needs no leaps

udge along during the day wondering about covid numbers I get a feeling of excitement knowing I’m coming home to listen to this. It has brought genuine joy into my life in recent times. Hop on the dance floor, enjoy and remember that world still needs changing.

Play of the day the sands aren’t shifting

Quicksand have returned to our record stores and turntables A swift 4 years after their first album in 22 years. With a gatefold album full of colourful artwork Distant Populations is a continuation of that post metal post hardcore sound the band are famous for. It stops it starts, the guitars sway and make layers of sound. Walter's vocals are layered too and it helps with the overall feel. This is a band still on top of their game 31 years after they first chugged onto our radar.