Play of the day is all eyes open

When I hear bands that carry a torch to Wire, Mission of Burma or the Minutemen I get that sense of comfort. Like daffodils blooming they can all look slightly different and post-punk sounds can definitely have different ingredients.

Play of the day straight from the Ocean

OceanSupermilkSelf released With a mood resembling Joe Jackson at the start I was waiting for "Is she really going out with him" to blast through the speakers for the chorus this has that 1979 punky poppy feel. Supermilk describe themselves as a band from London playing songs for you and your family and this is … Continue reading Play of the day straight from the Ocean

Play of the day is a rock storm

Gale ForcesHighlights of existence Former Engine Kid drummer Jade Devitt has found a new calling. The revelation records band were part of a scene in Seattle in the 90s that wasn’t nirvana influenced, they were a lot noisier. Jade has now set out on a new musical experience as frontman. As a "band" Gale Forces … Continue reading Play of the day is a rock storm

Play of the day is a real Tearjerker

TearjerkerBad MindLittle Rocket Records There's something about melodic punk rock in the North East of England. It's heartfelt sing along and never too straight forward. This is a heady mix of those 90's days when Leatherface were leading the way in the indie charts. 11 melodic tracks that soar along with sing along chorus and … Continue reading Play of the day is a real Tearjerker

Play of the day by the skin of their teeth

Teeth of the sea's new record - "It's science fiction, it's dance, it's everything you need to drag you away from the humdrum and bring colour into your world. A city with cars speeding by cameras and lights shining everywhere with people and objects moving at different speeds"

Play of the day shoots the messenger

It is heartfelt and strangely engaging with a lovely shot at the end and in the background there's a building with some grafitti on it. That grafitti reads "AntiFa - KIEZ". just the sort of good news you want to see and see spread.

Play of the day – Fabled Minds

Musically it is very much like Propogandhi putting such an album together in a slightly slower down Bad Religion disguise. 13 well written and thoroughly thought through songs with beats, guitars and not too Much shouting going on.

Play of the day is lethal

A lethal Black Ooze are trying their best for consistency, consistency in releases and sonic capture. They have that garage sound, vocals low in the mix and deep down and dirty sound. New single out now, join in