Hope Show 38 – the lowdown

Hope show 38 - the lowdown 1. The Descendents - Silly Girl 2. Black Flag - 6 Pack 3. Shitty Limits - Smarty Guys 4. BL'AST - Your Eyes 5. Schwartzeneggar - The Way Things Are 6. Annabel - You COuld Be Living Better 7. HDQ - IF Only 8. Mueran Humanos - Give A … Continue reading Hope Show 38 – the lowdown

Hope Show 37 – The lowdown

Hope SHow 37 the Lowdown Pre-All Ireland Football final nerves 1. Brier - Fields of Athenry 2. Luke Kelly - Dublin IN The Rare Oul Times 3. Jinx Lennon - Big Protest Day 4. The Men They Couldn't Hang - Ghosts of Cable Street 5. Beastie Boys - Sabotage 6. Minor Threat - Salad Days … Continue reading Hope Show 37 – The lowdown

Starter for 10

First off the soundtrack was very evocative and captured the highly charged and equally fun times in college in the 80s. Three of the band featured played at Trinity either right before, or while I was there; The Smiths, The Cure and the Psychedelic Furs. It was also great to hear a bit of Paul … Continue reading Starter for 10

Hope Show 36 – the lowdown

Hope Show 36 - the lowdown on tonights show 1. God Is An Astronaut - Reverse World 2. Family PLanning - Sauce Famine 3. The Live Of Millionaires - Stepping Out 4. Saturday Captains - Lost Cargo 5. Sebadoh - Imminent Emergency 6. Mike Watt and J Mascis - What We Do IS Secret 7. … Continue reading Hope Show 36 – the lowdown

Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys s/t Hardly Arts I work in Computers. That means people think I do nothing all day long while I while away my time figuring out how to prevent virus's getting on to people's pc's, or how to accuraterly prevent the 90% of emails that are spam from getting through, or why PC's crawl … Continue reading Jacuzzi Boys

What Richard Did

This was not the film I was expecting.I recall hearing vague pieces of information about it that make me curious.I knew that it might have something to do with a book called Bad Day At Blackrock, which I have not read. A book I suspect had something to do with a real life incident that … Continue reading What Richard Did

Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown

Tonights show, the lowdown 1. THe Blades - Last Man IN Europe 2. Bangers - Blind Hindsight 3. NoFX - US Aholes 4. The Great St Louis - DOnt ASk 5. The Jam - Down IN the Tube Station 6. BL'AST - SSSHHH 7. Fury - Resurrection 8. Rudimentary Peni - The Rain 9. HDQ … Continue reading Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown

Mike Scott (The Waterboys) new song about Arthur’s Day

    One of the highlights of working with the band the Pleasure Cell occurred when Mike Scott from the Waterboys came to the Underground and joined the band onstage.It was an act of incredible generosity on his part. Here was a little Dublin band doing their thing in the swampy, sweaty basement on Dame Street that … Continue reading Mike Scott (The Waterboys) new song about Arthur’s Day

Good Vibrations – the movie

Film Review: Good Vibrations Niall Hope recommended this film to me. Some of the really cool people I get to work with on the Popular Music course also raved about it. Then I witnessed an excellent discussion about Northern Irish punk, and the film at the Rebellion Festival, so the time was right. I loved … Continue reading Good Vibrations – the movie