Hope Show 148 – the lowdown, Ed Wenn

Tonight’s show is one with a difference. I get to share some stories with Ed Wenn from Dealing With Damage. We each pick a song and then the next one needs to have some connection with the last. One way of publicizing Ed’s latest bands new release on vinyl. Their excellent album from last year which was originally on cd and download only is being made available soon from Little Rocket Records on vinyl.

Hope Show 147 Gab Fest 2 Futurama 1981 remembered

So we are back – finishing off our chat with Michael Murphy about Futurama 1981. 2 young Dublin Punks venture to England for the first time to see a 2 day festival of punk and post punk acts. Challenging their visions of music and opening up the world of punk rock ingredients as they were amazed by the sounds and vision of the festival.

Gab Fest – a new Hope Show Spin off

A slightly different Hope Show this week. We are going with a spin off - called Gab Fest for now. The idea is to chat to people about gigs or bands that meant something to them. Of course where would I turn to first but to Michael Murphy to talk about his early introduction to … Continue reading Gab Fest – a new Hope Show Spin off

Hope Show 144 – the Proletariat

Tonight's Hope Show is available here Hope Show 144 - the Playlist Petrol Girls - Big MouthProletariat - MoveProletariat - ScabProletariat - Wealth of NationsProletariat - The Murder of Alton SterlingProletariat - Reach Exceeding GraspProletariat - Bomb Throwing PracticeProletariat - Indian Removal ActProletariat - Trophy Kill Hope Show 144 - the Lowdown Tonight's show is … Continue reading Hope Show 144 – the Proletariat

Hope Show 142 – the lowdown

Hope Show 142 - available here The playlist Jeff Rosenstock - No DreamGenn - Duda DanceCat Apostrophe - Waiting RoomSimon Wells - SomehowFontaines DC - Hero's DeathLiz Iz Evil - Hit Number OneAerial Salad - LazyScreaming At Traffic - Weekend CartoonBl'ast - Only Time Will TellCarry All - DIYProletariat - The Murder of Alton SterlingThe … Continue reading Hope Show 142 – the lowdown

Hope Show 140: the Lowdon

This weeks Hope show is part 2 of bands that changed a life - Songs and memories of gigs from the Ramones, Iron Chic, Chewing On Tinfoil, Jawbreaker, Dark Thoughts, The Weakerthans, The Mob, Mike Watt and J Mascis, team dresch, latterman, the ruts, newtown neurotics, Menstrual cramps, allo darlin and fire party