Headcleaner Irish tour 1993

Feb 24 1993 Headcleaner, Holemasters Barnstormers Feb 28 1993 Headcleaner, Slunk, Flexihead Barnstormers Headcleaner used many of the contacts they had made to organise an Irish tour. I loved their enthusiasm. They were willing to travel anywhere for a gig. They became regular visitors to the country and struck up many friendships. They may not … Continue reading Headcleaner Irish tour 1993

Downcast, Groundswell – Dublin 1992

Nov 4 1992 Downcast, Groundswell Barnstormers After 16 gigs in 8 and-a-half months in Barnstormers this was a depressing one to finsh the year on. As you will read below, DOWNCAST were not on friendly terms with each other and that carried forward onto the stage and also in any activities we had with the … Continue reading Downcast, Groundswell – Dublin 1992

Crane Irish Tour 1992

Sep 20 1992 Crane, Mexican Pets - Barnstormers   Sep 17 1992 Crane, Mexican Pets - Fibber Magees Sep 18 1992 Crane - Our Price Records Crane were good friends with Slum Turkeys and after that band's successful tour the previous year they looked to come over and do something similar. Mexican Pets had also … Continue reading Crane Irish Tour 1992

Dawson, Long Fin Killie Dublin 1992, 1993

Sep 11 1992 Dawson, Long Fin Killie Barnstormers                                                                          Aug 18 1993 Dawson, Long Fin Killie, Pet Lamb Attic When … Continue reading Dawson, Long Fin Killie Dublin 1992, 1993